A.S.O. Mattifying Agent

A.S.O. Mattifying Agent

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INCI Name:  Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate


An aesthetic enhancer and rheology modifier. It has very high oil and moisture absorbency power and an excellent emulsifying effect (emulsifier), so it can improve emulsion stability which is beneficial for achieving long-lasting wear and increased coverage. It can reduce tackiness and greasiness, achieves easy glide, pleasant skin feel and velvety appearance, and absorbs excess moisture and sebum without whitening. It provides mattifying effect, texturing & lubricious feeling. Used in lotions, creams & sunscreens, deodorant & mineral cosmetics. It is designed for use in decorative powder, make up & liquid make up and skin care creams, facial cleansing & baby care. A.S.O. Mattifying Agent is also used in sun protection, after sun creams and lotions. It is suitable for toiletries, hand washing, shaving & after shave lotions. It can also be used in eye shadow powder and creams and aerosol applications, dry shampoo, deodorants & antiperspirants.


  • Mattifying Agent
  • Thicker & Stabilizer
  • Softening / Texturing Agent
  • Tackiness Reducing
  • Velvety Feeling
  • greasiness / Oil-reducing
  • Coverage
  • Lubricius Feeling


  • skin care creams,
  • sun protection,
  • after shave lotions,
  • eyeshadow powder,
  • creams, and liquid makeup

Other Name: ASO Mattifying

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