GLUCAM P-20 / Scent Fixative / PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether

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In fragrance containing formulations, it acts as a fixative by subduing volatilization of the "high notes". The light color and low odor of Glucam P20 humectant will not interfere with the mood the fragrance is trying to communicate.

 This is also a naturally-derived humectant, 100% active, propoxylated methyl glucose ether. It is one of the few naturally-derived cosmetic fluids that are miscible with water, alcohols, organic esters, and oils. In any product, it delivers humectancy with a lubricious, emollient feel. In alcohol-based systems GlucamP20 humectant reduces the stinging effect alcohol has on skin. 

This is recommended for use in perfume, fabcon, linen spray, hair care and skin care products.

This can also be used as humectants to your skin care products like lotion and cream.

Method: Premix to your fragrance oil

Dosage: 1% to 3% 

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