Hair Shampoo Sulfate-Free D.I.Y. Kit

Hair Shampoo Sulfate-Free D.I.Y. Kit

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Expected output when mixed:  5 kgs 
Appearance: viscous liquid, colored pearlescent white


As avid consumer for shampoo, we all aspire for innovations that will highlight quality and eco-friendly products as alternative to emerging commercial brands. Sulfate-Free Shampoo is a fast growing product line. It is creating a lot of conversations because it checks all the qualities of a shampoo:

  • Surfactants used are all sulfate-free therefore they are mild yet still effective in cleaning the hair.
  • Ideal for colored and treated hair.
  • This is dubbed as the “Guilt-Free” Shampoo and it can be used number of times in a day.
  • Does not strip off the natural moisture of hair making every stranded well conditioned.
  • Sits on a well-balanced pH for hair and does use broad spectrum preservative for personal care.

 Watch the sample mixing guide video for this product - CLICK HERE

Produce your own Sulfate-Free shampoo now.   Buy our D.I. Y. Kit.

 The set comes also with a Detailed Mixing Manual and Formulation Guide. This will help you navigate the mixing process easily. 

NOTE: The chemicals for this formula can also be bought individually at certain pack sizes and wholesale prices so you can decide for bulk production to jumpstart your business. 

You may want to attend and enroll for our ONE-ON-ONE Training Program to learn and better understand the technicalities of the formula, compounding procedures and costing input for this product. CLICK HERE for the details.

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