Feminine Wash Sulfate-Free D.I.Y. Kit (Premium Formula)

Feminine Wash Sulfate-Free D.I.Y. Kit (Premium Formula)

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Expected output when mixed: 2 kgs
Appearance:  Transparent Liquid


Feminine wash regimen is an intimate routine to ensure perfect genital hygiene. It must be used on a daily basis, at least once a day. Standard soap or shower gels are usually too aggressive for the vaginal area because their pH is too alkaline. Our formula provides comfort at the same time mild and sulfate-free cleaning agents. It has also plant-based odor-eliminating active material. The pH is well balanced to provide the best cleaning regimen experience among women.

Produce your own Feminine Wash now.   Buy our D.I. Y. Kit.

The set comes also with a Detailed Mixing Manual and Formulation Guide. This will help you navigate the mixing process easily.

NOTE: The chemicals for this formula can also be bought individually at certain pack sizes and wholesale prices so you can decide for bulk production to jumpstart your business.

See video for sample Lab Scale Mixing of this product CLICK HERE

You may want to attend and enroll for our ONE-ON-ONE Training Program to learn and better understand the technicalities of the formula, compounding procedures and costing input for this product. CLICK HERE for the details.

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