Gel Hand Sanitizer / ALCOGEL D.I.Y KIT

Gel Hand Sanitizer / ALCOGEL D.I.Y KIT

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 Expected output when mixed: 4 kgs 
Appearance: Transparent Gel


Mixing your own Hand Sanitizer Gel is within your hands. It can be produced easily yet effective in sanitizing since there is proper percentage of alcohol used in this formula.  This set is unscented to highlight the strength of the alcohol which is the primary ingredient of the product.  

The set comes also with a Detailed Mixing Manual and Formulation Guide. This will help you navigate the mixing process easily.

NOTE: The chemicals for this formula can also be bought individually at certain pack sizes and wholesale prices so you can decide for bulk production to jumpstart your business.

Watch VIDEO for sample Lab Scale Mixing of this product. CLICK HERE

You may want to attend and enroll for our Group Training Program to learn and better understand the technicalities of the formula, compounding procedures and costing input for this product. CLICK HERE for the details.

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