Jarcane 12 / Dodecanol (Non-Silicone)

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Jarcane 12 / Dodecanol (Non-Silicone) is a non-polar solvent, texture improver, viscosity modifier, moisturizer, emollient, wax & solubilizer. It is environment-friendly and an alternative to cyclopentasiloxane (D5) & silicone. It is a fast-absorbing grade with a light skin feel and leaves skin normal to the touch after application. These properties help to modify the resulting texture of creams and lotions to be less oily and greasy when applied. It offers improved coverage, consistency, and pigment wetting in cosmetics as well as enhance color stability. This product is also compatible with silicones, UV filters, and lipophilic systems. This can be used in creams, lotions, color cosmetics and hair conditioners, shampoos, treatments, and styling products. It is designed for use in deodorants, sun care creams and lotions, make-up remover, body wash, and cleansers/soaps.

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