EMULSI-315 / Polyacrylamide & C13-14 Isoparaffin & Laureth-7

EMULSI-315 / Polyacrylamide & C13-14 Isoparaffin & Laureth-7

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EMULSI-315 with an inci: Polyacrylamide & C13-14 Isoparaffin & Laureth-7 is liquid, ready-to-use rheology modifier, stabilizer, thickener and emulsifier. It swells fast and allows you to create gel or cream immediately without neutralization or heat. It can emulsify all kinds of oil and disperse pigment and physical sunscreen. It is recommend to be used in skin cream, creamy gel, as single or unified emulsifier. It can be used over a wide range of pH and makes it possible to obtain soft, supple and shinning textures. 


 1.) No need premix, heat or extra equipment, can be added in any step of emulsifying; Good thickening performance at low dosage.

2.) Can be used over a wide range of pH 3.5 - 11.5

3.) Applicable to all kinds of oil such as vegetable oil, polar and non polar oil, without heating or other extra treatment.

4.) Applicable to formula containing high content silicone.

5.) Stabilize organic or inorganic pigment in formula; Thicken some formula containing 40% alcohol, other organic solvent and polyol.

6.) Resist shearing for a long time; Maintain viscosity under UV radiation.


- Cream, Lotion, Creamy Gel

- Make-up foundation

- Sunscreen Cream

- Formula containing polar solvent, alcohol and polyol

- Formula containing silicone or AHA

- Hair Treatment and Hair Styling Products


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 Other name: Repoly 315

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