Dipropylene Glycol and Polysilicone - 29

Dipropylene Glycol and Polysilicone - 29

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This is an excellent conditioning agent for Hair Care applications. It can help protect hair from damage and restore damaged hair to a healthy, more youthful state that is to a quality of hair at the root. This product is recommended smoothing and repairing hair care products (shampoos) , thermal protection from straightening / curling gadgets, color protection, shine spray, and ethnic hair care applications.

Key Benefits:

  • superior conditioning Agent
  • Hair treatment agent
  • Anti-Frizz capabilities
  • Great for Colored/Dyed Hair
  • Thermal Protection
  • Easy combing
  • Drying time reduction
  • Anti-Breakage/ Anti split-end
  • Effective at low dosage

Dosage: 1% to 5% (Deductable to water)

Added during Water Phase

Other Name: Intense Soft CLXE

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