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Ge Profile Ptd60ebprdg 7.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity Aluminized Alloy Drum Electric Dryer With

Ge Profile Ptd60ebprdg 7.4 Cu. Ft. Capacity Aluminized Alloy Drum Electric Dryer With

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Presenting PTD60EBPRDG, an innovative electric dryer guaranteed to streamline your laundry process. Equipped with Washer Link, it wirelessly connects with your washer to automatically optimize settings based on the load just washed. The Sensor Dry feature, with its unique dual thermistor technology, monitors temperature and moisture to prevent over-drying and protect your laundry. With the Sanitize Cycle, you can reduce 99.8% of bacteria found in your laundry. The aroma of clean, fresh clothes is just an added bonus! Plus, you can receive notifications when your dryer vent needs a clean-out, ensuring safe operation and peak drying performance. The PTD60EBPRDG is adaptable, with an extraordinary 120 ft. venting system enabling optimal airflow, enhanced rotary drying ability and flexible installation. Streamline your laundry process with our Built-In WiFi Powered by SmartHQ. You can start, stop, and monitor your laundry from anywhere while receiving real-time notifications and updates. Need additional cycles? This dryer allows you to download cycles such as Warm Up, Active Wear, and Casual via SmartHQ technology. The My Cycle feature lets you save your favorite dryer settings for future use, offering a customized laundry experience. Enjoy the Quick Dry feature, allowing rapid drying for a variety of load sizes - perfect for busy families. The Damp Notification feature informs you when your laundry reaches ideal dampness, optimizing wrinkle-free results. The PTD60EBPRDG is not only practical but eco-friendly too. Eco Dry represents less energy usage while giving you premium performance and high-quality results. As an ENERGY STAR qualified electric dryer, it meets or exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency, ensuring year-round savings for you! Its dimensions are 46 H x 27 W x 31 D, making it the perfect fit for your home.

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