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Mytee Products (4 Pack) Ez Binder Ratcheting Chain Load Binder, 5400 Lbs Wll

Mytee Products (4 Pack) Ez Binder Ratcheting Chain Load Binder, 5400 Lbs Wll

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ul li The EZ Ratcheting Chain Binder features a 12 Grade 100 chain equipped with a Grade 70, 5/16 swivel grab hook. /li li strong Compatibility: /strong Suitable for 5/16Grade 70 or 3/8Grade 43 chain sizes, offering versatility in your applications. /li li The EZ Ratcheting Chain Binder simplifies the process of securing heavy machinery, vehicles, or bulky cargo onto your flatbed. /li li The free-wheel function enables swift tensioning up to 12 inches, while the dual solid gears ensure an even distribution of the tensioning force. /li li strong Operation: /strong Its user-friendly design requires only attaching chain links to the hooks and pulling the lever to tighten, simplifying the operation. /li li strong Efficiency: /strong This tool can apply a significant pre-tensioning force, making it potent for all loading and unloading tasks. Its design and features streamline these processes, thereby saving both time and effort. /li li strong Anti-Slip Handle: /strong The extra-long, durable, anti-slip molded grip ratchet handle offers plenty of leverage, ensuring easy, comfortable operation and providing the necessary mechanical advantage for secure tensioning of binder chains. /li /ul p strong How to use EZ Binder Ratcheting Chain Load Binder? /strong - ul li To start using the EZ Binder, latch your Grade 70 or 43 chains onto the swivel grab hooks. Start by opening the binder all the way. This unlocks the 12G100 chain and lets you freely pull the chain you want to tighten. /li li Then start ratcheting down the handle until the chains have little to no resistance. Finally, to make sure its not going anywhere, lift the release handle and push it down until its latched under the blue lock point. /li /ul

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