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Bora Pm-1850 Next Gen Panel Carrier

Bora Pm-1850 Next Gen Panel Carrier

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Imagine handling and moving 4x8 sheets without assistance. Even better, you can bring a piece of material from your truck directly to your table saw without it hitting the ground! This becomes possible with the PM-1850 panel holder, specially designed for moving large sheets of material. Here s the best way to describe our panel carrier: it s like a truck specially designed for boards. This cart lifts up, locks into a flat, horizontal position to become a power stand for a table saw. The height is fully adjustable from 71.1cm (28 ) to 96.5cm (38 ), which means almost any table saw can be accommodated. The lower support leg locks into place to give you the stability you need to cut with confidence. Its strong, sturdy and able to support 2-3 sheets at a time, making it a real workhorse for your workshop. The panel holder folds flat for easy storage or transport between jobs.

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