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Google Pixel 5a 5g G1f8f (Fully Unlocked) 128gb Just Black (Very

Google Pixel 5a 5g G1f8f (Fully Unlocked) 128gb Just Black (Very

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All the goods. At a great value. Get the biggest battery and display of the a-series, a dual camera, and so much more. Your phone charger is going to miss you. With Extreme Battery Saver, your all-day battery can last up to two days on a single charge. Charge up fast. Like, really fast. Plug in for a quick charge, and unplug in no time, so you can get back to the things you need to do. Get all-day power. And then some. Adaptive Battery learns your favorite apps, and limits power to the ones you rarely use, so your phone can last all day long. Give the battery a boost when you need it. If your battery is running low, turn on Extreme Battery Saver. It helps your all-day battery last up to two days by shutting off apps youre not using. Here to keep you and your info safe. Backed by the iconic Titan M chip and 3 years of OS updates, Pixel 5a with 5G is secure to the core. A discreet way to call for help. If youre feeling unsafe in your surroundings, the Personal Safety app lets you easily share your info and location with emergency contacts. If you cant dial 911, Pixel can. With car crash detection, your Pixel can sense when you have been in a car accident, and help reach emergency services when you cant. A hidden folder for private photos. Photos and videos of extra-private things, like your passport, can be saved to a Locked folder in Photos. Only your fingerprint or device lock can open it. Watch movies without Wi-Fi. With 5G, download a full movie in seconds, and enjoy from anywhere.1,14 High brightness mode keeps the display amazing even in direct sunlight. Game on the go. Pixel and 5G take Stadia to the next level. Start playing on your TV with Chromecast Ultra or laptop, and keep going on Pixel. Feel like youre in the same room. With Duo screen sharing and Family mode, you can share moments, watch movies together, and get the kids involved with fun filters, all in HD and with super fast 5G. A bad connection cant stop the beat. Pixel can proactively download your songs from YouTube Music over. So if you lose your connection underground or in a tunnel, you can keep on listening. A playlist built around your day. Pixel can identify songs youve heard during the day, and add them to your Now Playing history, which you can export into a YouTube Music playlist. Its a whole lot harder to be camera shy. Take photos and videos you can be proud of, then relive the moment on a beautiful 6.3-inch display. No need to lean back or scooch in. An ultrawide lens captures more of the scene, and it wont look like a fishbowl. Plus, the built-in software automatically corrects lens distortion. Tap, and whoa. Thats a nicely lit portrait. Night Sight Portraits helps you capture people with rich, stunning detail even after sundown. Or place the light exactly where you want it. With Portrait Light in Photos, you can adjust the brightness and position of the light so portraits look more professional. Even if you took the photo on a different device. And just like that, youre a cinematographer. Cinematic Pan automatically removes the shakiness while youre filming, so your videos are smooth, steady, and sleek.

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