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Gmas140-4a | Pink Women s Watch G-Shock | Casio

Gmas140-4a | Pink Women s Watch G-Shock | Casio

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From the G-SHOCK S-Series of highly popular analog-digital watch comes new model with new face and hand design. As with the G-SHOCK GA-140, these models features a motif that resembles a 90 s stereo component device or portable music player that has been updated to a modern refined look. Subdued pink and blue, purple, and lime coloring matches the hues of modern sneakers. G-SHOCK is the ultimate tough watch. Includes a hollow-structured case, all-directional protective covering and the use of cushioning material to protect critical parts. The shock-proof G-SHOCK watch quickly became the epitome of robustness, innovation and multifunctionality. At last, enthusiasts could keep their wristwatches on while skateboarding or riding their BMX bikes. Whether for everyday use, playing sports or under extreme outdoor conditions, G-SHOCK watches remain to be genuine all-rounders and reliable companions in every situation. Today, G-SHOCK has earned the privilege of being worn by those who are not willing to accept limitations.

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