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Miles Kimball Personalized Childs Natural Rocker

Miles Kimball Personalized Childs Natural Rocker

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It s important that each child has his or her own special place. Whether it s for eating mid-day snacks with mom or dad, watching morning cartoons, listening to music or reading books, our personalized rocking chair is just the right size for your little guy or girl and can be easily incorporated into any living space. Our natural finish child s rocker has a rustic feel that is great in any country-themed decor or naturally rustic spaces. This personalized child s rocking chair is sure to become an heirloom quality item in your household and is suitable to pass on to future generations. It is also a heartfelt birthday gift or a celebratory gift for special occasions like preschool graduation ceremonies. If you re a grandparent, aunt or uncle or godparent, consider this high-quality gift, and a fantastic, memorable piece that is a welcome alternative to noisy toys, candy or impersonal gift cards. Our personalized child s rocking chair has an attention to detail that you ll appreciate, including a comfortable slatted seat, a ladder back, rounded arm corners and rounded finials.

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