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Hay - Pc Portable Lamp - Olive

Hay - Pc Portable Lamp - Olive

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LED table lamp PC Portable with integrated rechargeable battery Refined and portable and completely self-sufficient thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery is the battery-powered LED table lamp PC Portable, a design by designer Pierre Charpin, which can provide decorative lighting both indoors and outdoors in a variety of places. The table lamp is made of sturdy plastic with a matte, scratch and water resistant finish in beautiful color combinations and various solid colors. The light source in the table lamp is not visible due to a polycarbonate diffuser. The PC Portable table lamp is a light source and beautiful decoration on indoor and outdoor tables, restaurants, cafes and many more. It shines for at least 10 hours when the battery is full, before it needs to be recharged via USB cable. Pierre Charpin designed the PC Portable table lamp for the Danish company . The interplay of form and color characterizes the designs of the designer, who lives and works in Paris and has an artistic background. Elementary shapes in combination with colors are a constant aspect in his work.

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