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Champion Parallel Kit For Linking Inverter Generators 100319

Champion Parallel Kit For Linking Inverter Generators 100319

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If you find that 1 generator just isn t enough to power your RV, air conditioner, or other large system, then it could be time for a 2nd. To get those generators to work together, you ll need the Power Parallel Kit. If all you want to do is power more things, then a 2nd generator is all you ll need. But if what if you re trying to power bigger things? Lets say you have a generator that can produce 2,800 watts and you want to power a system that demands 4,000 watts. Unfortunately, you can t just add a 2,000 watt generator and call it good. The power that each generator outputs will be out of sync, and the system could get damaged. You could just buy a 4,000 watt generator, but then you re not taking advantage of the generator you already have. The parallel kit solves this problem by syncing up the power outputs of 2 generators. As a result, you could make a 2,000 watt and 2,800 watt generator run as if they were a single 4,800 watt generator. That way you could have the extra power you need without paying for the cost of a large generator. This generator parallel kit is made to work with inverter generators. At least 1 of the generators needs to be rated as 2,800 watts or higher, but the 2nd can be of any wattage. Setting up the kit is simple, and can be done without any tools. Instead, the connections clip on for a secure fit. Once everything s connected, you ll have access to 2 different outlets. 1 is a 50-amp RV outlet and the other is a 30-amp locking outlet. Because of them, you ll be ready to hook up a system like an RV for air conditioning, cooking, and more. Because of this, the Power Parallel Parallel Kit is especially useful for campers. Compatable with over a dozen generator models, the Power Parallel Kit is the tool to get your generators to work together.

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