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Fischer - Outback 68 Crown/Skin Xtralite - 189

Fischer - Outback 68 Crown/Skin Xtralite - 189

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Outback 68 Crown Xtralite Cross Country Ski (189) - The updated Outback 68 Xtralite from is a definitive cross country ski design for traveling with confidence over miles of untracked snow. Just barely narrow enough to be usable in groomed tracks, the real forte is efficiency gliding through natural snow covered rolling terrain. Full length metal edges provide security, the Nordic Rocker Camber assists floatation when breaking trail or initiating turns, and the Offtrack Crown pattern offers reliable grip and glide. And if the uphill get steep, the optional Easy Skin can be quickly applied to boost traction. Best matched with NNN-BC or 3-pin type boots, and the flat deck will accept installation of either type. A great ski made better with the Xtralite construction to lower the weight.

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