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Emma + Oliver Deluxe Padded Brown Microfiber Kids Recliner With Storage Arms

Emma + Oliver Deluxe Padded Brown Microfiber Kids Recliner With Storage Arms

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Comfortable seating is a must for all ages and your little ones will enjoy having a grown upchair all their own. This generously padded recliner chair for kids is a perfect spot for kids to watch TV, draw on a light-up tracing pad, fine tune their motor skills playing video games or quietly read their favorite book. This kids recliner features a built-in cup holder to help prevent spills and free up busy hands. Is your little munchkin of the four-legged variety? This recliner is the ideal spot for them to curl up with their favorite toy and chew sticks or dog bicuits can be held in the cup-holder to reward good behavior. Safety means everything when it comes to those most important to you. This sturdy kids recliner has a solid hardwood frame that holds up to 90 lbs static weight capacity and only reclines when a child is seated and the footrest is pulled out 1 inch. Soft foam padding, raised plastic feet and durable microfiber upholstery round out the all-star roster of this reclining kids chair. Just as night follows day, spills and stains are inevitable when there are kids and pets in the home. Quickly and easily spot clean the upholstery with water and a neutral detergent to keep this push back recliner looking great. This cozy recliner for kids will be a great addition to your living room, child s bedroom or playroom.

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