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Orion Observer 90mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope Kit

Orion Observer 90mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope Kit

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Beginning skywatchers looking for a telescope that can serve up vivid, sharp images of the Moon, planets, and brighter deep-space objects need look no further than the Observer 90mm Equatorial Refractor. Refractor telescopes are coveted for their crisp, sharp images and their lack of needed maintenance compared to, say, reflector telescopes whose optics must be regularly re-aligned, or collimated. This family friendly telescope boasts a 90mm-diameter (3.5) achromatic lens of 900mm focal length. That means that with the 25mm and 10mm 1.25Plossl eyepieces included - a cut way above the cheapie eyepieces many beginner telescope come with - you ll enjoy views at 36x and 90x, respectively. When aimed at our nearest neighbor in space, the Moon, the Observer 90 EQ yields tack-sharp views of the rocky lunar surface with craters and mountainous regions visible in crisp, high-contrast detail. Both eyepieces are threaded for optional filters. The 1.25rack and pinion focuser lets you dial in the perfect focus. This telescope is also equipped with a 6x30 finder scope to help you find and center your celestial targets. The Observer 90mm EQ includes a sturdy equatorial mount designed for astronomical viewing. With its dovetail mounting saddle, you can pop the optical tube on or off quickly for easy setup and transport. Dual slow-motion cables let you track objects manually to keep them centered in the eyepiece. The adjustable aluminum tripod has a handy accessory tray. The assembled telescope weighs just under 17 lbs. This Observer 90mm EQ Refractor Telescope Kit includes an exciting collection of essential items to enhance your observing experience: a Moon Filter to cut the surface brightness to reveal more detail, our Star Target Planisphere, s MoonMap 260 to help you identify over 260 lunar features, and a set of four color filters for better planetary viewing. This is an exclusive telescope deal you won t want to pass up.

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