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Disney Emperor s New Groove Yzma Women s Costume

Disney Emperor s New Groove Yzma Women s Costume

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Why wouldn t you want a woman like this running the empire? It would be non-stop amusement at all times. A woman this shrewd would never allow herself to be turned into a llama! She has a couple weaknesses, of course, she s not the most efficient when it comes to plans. When you re taking down an emperor you just don t want to depend on the postal service. Though her original idea does let her use another of her magnificent talents. If she did things all over again, perhaps she would have utilized that talent more often instead of using so many vials of potions. This Halloween, give the empire takeover one more chance with this lovely villainous look. Product DetailsYou ll feel like you re ready to rule the Kingdom in this sleek black dress with its sparkly ruffled collar and dramatic silky headdress that is structured with wire on the inside to make sure you always arrive in avant-gardform. To make this look complete,make sure that your eyelashes are as dramatic as you can get them. Yzma wouldn t have it any other way! Getting Into the GrooveWhen you re wearing this licensed Empire s New Groove Yzma costume, it ll be easy to get into character. Want to take it one step further? Make it a group costume and invite Kronk and Pacha along. Hey, maybe you ll even let Kuzco come along as long as he s in llama form. You ve got to maintain your position on the throne, after all!

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