ENCAPS (This is an ADD-ON Material for Fabric Softener)

ENCAPS (This is an ADD-ON Material for Fabric Softener)

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To improve your quality for Fabric Softener and achieve the "Rabadabango-Effect", ENCAP will work best for this. This can also function as scent fixative. ENCAPS is now widely used by leading brands.

This material is added during the water phase of your formula. Premix until the water becomes milky white / cloudy.

Dosage: 0.3% to 1% Computed to your total batch  

This a new technology of fixatives that is so ideal for fabric softeners making the fragrance last longer and cling to skin when rub. This a new technology called microfluidic emulsification, and it could mean that the scent for the Fabric Softener (fabcon) does not evaporate as quickly and these capsules clings to the fabric and will blast scent molecules if rub. This will make your Fabric Softeners or even Linen Sprays pleasantly interesting.