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Hiboy Bk1 Balance Electric Bike - Peak White

Hiboy Bk1 Balance Electric Bike - Peak White

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BK1 electric balance bike for kids is specially designed for toddlers. Perfect electric strider for 2-6-year-old kids under 77lbs, with 100w safe motor. As the safest motorized balance bike, your kid can learn to push, balance, and practice their skills with a super smooth ride. When they are 2 or 3 years old, your kids can ride in non-powered mode. Then graduate them to the powered mode, with a max speed of 9 mph. Meanwhile, BK1 motorized balance bike can easily adjust the cushion height with your child s height. Most of all, this 300$ toddler kids electric balance bike is quite affordable than stacyc bikes. Come and buy this electric strider bike for your kids or grandson!

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