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Uniden Bct15x Bearcat Scanner

Uniden Bct15x Bearcat Scanner

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It offers the BearTracker Warning system, which alerts mobile users to public safety activity in their area as well as Close Call RF Capture Technology that automatically locks onto nearby signals with no programming necessary. The GPS-enabled feature offered by the BCT15X provides automatic system selection, which permits the scanner to turn system reception on or off depending on the users location, and allows the user to customize the scanner display to show location-based information. Other features include 9000 dynamically allocated channels, alpha tagging, DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decode and S.A.M.E. Weather Alert. BCT15X Features: Mobile Trunking Scanner w/ GPS Support Monitor Police & Fire Departments 25MHz to 1.3GHz Band Coverage 9000 Dynamically Allocated Channels Beartracker Warning System Location-Based Scanning 100 System Quick Keys 12 Service Searches SoftSearch Keys - Quickly Search Specified Ranges Dual Color Display Temporary Lockout Channel Number Tagging Dangerous Crossing, Road, & POI Alerts DIN-E Mounting - Dashboard Sleeve for Vehicle Installation Multi-Site Trunking Support Close Call? RF Capture Technology - Instantly Tunes to Signals from Nearby Transmitters Close Call? Temporary Store - Temporarily Stores & Scans the Last 10 Close Call? Hits Preprogrammed Systems - 500 Agencies Covering Police, Fire, & Ambulance Operations in the 25 Most Populated Counties in the U.S. Public Safety Scanner TrunkTracker III Technology CTCSS / DCS Squelch Modes - Prevents Outside Interference Channel Voume Offset Band Scope S.A.M.E. Weather Alert Channel / Frequency Lockout Fire Tone-Out Alert Broadcast / Custom Screen Scan / Search Delays Attenuator Repeater Reverse Channel / Custom Alerts Single-Handed Function Control Operation Record Out Jack Backlit Display / Keypad Memory Backup Search w/ Scan Operation Priority Scan PC Control Wired Cloning Compatible w/ BC-RH96 Remote Head

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