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Kate And Laurel Stryker Windowpane Framed Wall Mirror Black

Kate And Laurel Stryker Windowpane Framed Wall Mirror Black

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Sleek, stunning, and stylish Kate and Laurels Stryker windowpane adds a boost to any living space. This sophisticated mirror carries a contemporary but timeless aesthetic. It exudes a minimalist charm that provides cheer and balances a rooms ambience. The mirror includes eight panes of beveled glass, each reflecting beautifully. It is lightweight and comes with hanging hardware attached to the back for easy mounting. The Stryker mirror can be installed in two orientations: horizontally and vertically. Horizontal placement is ideal for wide and spacious rooms that need more adornments to fill them up. In narrow rooms with high walls, the vertical placement makes is more suitable. The windowpane features eight beveled mirror glasses, each of them 7 inches by 9.5 inches. The frame moulding is 1 inch wide and 1.125 inches deep. The display dimensions are 17 inches by 42 inches by 1.125 inches deep. Give your living spaces a visual makeover with Kate and Laurels Stryker windowpane. Turn a bland room into a gorgeous, illuminated space by combining two or more and strategically placing them together or apart.

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