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Men s American Revolution Soldier Costume, Size: Large

Men s American Revolution Soldier Costume, Size: Large

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Living History The Revolutionary War was such a notable moment in history that the memories still survive to this day. In fact, the memories of this event that happened more than 200 years ago are so fresh that there are said to be many ghosts of the soldiers of the battles to this day. It s said that the people of Boston still hear Paul Revere s horse galloping down what was once a cobblestone road near the Granary Burying Ground. In Yorktown, there are many historic houses that have garrisons of ghosts that were taken in to heal from war wounds and stayed there long after they departed. Now, whether or not you believe in these ghostly sightings, you too can become a part of living history when wearing this dignified Revolutionary soldier costume. Our history-loving in-house creative team designed this costume to look right at home on the streets of revolutionary Boston! The blue jacket has red panels in the front trimmed in gold buttons. Chest straps are layered overtop while a cream-colored vest and cravat is layered underneath. Complete with cream pants and topped with a tri-corn hat, you ll feel ready to take your shot at independence in this costume! Independence Day Are you gearing up for a Fourth of July parade? Or maybe you re getting into a role for a school history project. No matter what you re up to, this soldier costume is a great choice. In fact, it might become a staple in your costume wardrobe because this high-quality costume can be worn again and again! You can be a dignified ghost soldier in blue for Halloween costume parties. Keep your eyes open and you ll see that there s always another reason to bring history to life!

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