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Prestan Aed Ultratrainer, Single Aed Trainer

Prestan Aed Ultratrainer, Single Aed Trainer

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The Prestan Professional AED Trainer outperforms the competition in terms of quality, durability, and training. Clear, confident voice instructions with easy-to-follow guidance and five predefined scenarios make it easier to train kids and adults. The pads contain an integrated switch that detects when the AED Trainer pads are fitted to the manikin torso. During CPR/AED classes, pads can be used at least 25 to 30 times. Five scenarios, language choice between English and Spanish and adult/child training selection button are included. The product adheres well to all Manikins with no messy residue left behind and is ideal to fully customize able to accommodate any classroom training situation. The machine comes with one piece of Prestan AED Ultra Trainer, one set of Child/Adult Pads, one Carry Case and 3 pieces of 1.5V C Battery.

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