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Rectorseal 97622 Ss610e Safe-T-Switch

Rectorseal 97622 Ss610e Safe-T-Switch

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The SS610E Safe-T-Switch is specifically designed for use in mini split systems. Its small design allows it to fit easily inside any unit, drain pan, or clipped directly to coils. The external CPU casing can be mounted directly on the side of the unit. The SS610E continuously samples for water and will automatically shut down the system if water is detected in the unit. The built-in LED lights let you know the system is operating properly at a glance. In the event of a shut down, the unit will automatically restart once the water has subsided. Easy to Install The sensor is easily installed inside any indoor mini split unit. If no room is available, it can also be attached to drain pans or a unit s coils. Multi-Voltage Switch The unit can operate in either AC or DC environments, with voltages up to 250 V in AC and 100 V in DC. No batteries required.

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