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Torin 750 Lb. Big Red Engine Stand

Torin 750 Lb. Big Red Engine Stand

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The Jacks 750lbs Engine Stand provides a stable platform for working on an engine. It is suitable for use in a commercial auto repair facility or for use at home by those who like to work on their own cars. Featuring an all steel construction, the engine stand is sturdy, durable and reliable. It has the capacity to hold engines weighing up to 750 pounds, keeping them in a position where they are easier to see and get to. This small engine stand also has front swivel castors that allow easy portability so you can move it from place to place. This makes it easier to take the stand closer to the engine for quicker, safer mounting. Four adjustable arms are provided to ensure a safe and secure hold on a variety of engine models. Move them into whichever position you need for the engine you are inspecting or repairing. This engine stand can be a useful and essential component in virtually any auto workshop.

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