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Kwik Goal 6 Seat Kwik Bench Blue

Kwik Goal 6 Seat Kwik Bench Blue

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The 6-Seat Kwik Bench is the ideal solution for temporary team seating. The pop-up style bench seats six comfortably and is made from durable nylon to help withstand the elements. The set-up and dismantling process is a breeze thanks to the benchs collapsible steel frame. Bench includes a carry bag for easy toting to and from the field. FEATURES: Dimensions: 18 W x 16 H x 108 Ideal seating for tournaments and places in need of temporary seating Collapsible steel frame makes set-up and disassembling a breeze Carry bag included for easy toting Maximum Capacity: 600 lbs. Weight: 30 lbs. Model: 9B9061, 9B9064, 9B906Z

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