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Makita 194368-5 55 In. Saw Guide Rail

Makita 194368-5 55 In. Saw Guide Rail

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Extruded Aluminum Construction. Ideal for use with sheet materials, including plywood, panelling, etc. Vinyl Seat on top side enables SP6000 to slide smoothly and freely. Rubber Seats on underside grip most materials to secure rail when cutting. Rubber Splinter Guards indicates exact cutting lineVinyl and Rubber Seats feature peel/stick construction for quick and easy replacement. Use with Guide Rail Clamps (194385-5) for added security when cutting smooth materials (not included). Use with Bevel Guide (194433-0) for quick and accurate setting and cutting of angles (not included). Can be cut to suit specific applications where shorter lengths are required. Can be combined in sequence with Guide Rail Connectors (P-20177) where longer lengths are required (not included).

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