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Nova 19 Inch Transport Chair With 12 Inch Rear Wheels - Blue

Nova 19 Inch Transport Chair With 12 Inch Rear Wheels - Blue

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s Feather Touch locking hand brakes are a must for inclines slopes and bumpy terrain. They allow the companion to control the speed and stability of the Transport Chair and lock the brakes to park it. Flip up desk arms make it easy to transfer in and out as well as use at a table or desk. The rugged rubber wheels are great for any terrain. The large 30cm rear locking wheels allow you to go just about anywhere - and with a smooth and comfortable ride. The lightweight foldable frame makes it easy to lift in and out of your vehicle - and makes it easy to travel with. The adjustable seat belt has a plastic clip and allows for added safety. Folds easily and compactly making it ideal for travel and getting the chair in and out of a car. The quick release removable footrest swings away to allow the user to sit and stand with no interference. They are easy to adjust for a comfortable fit. The footrests have a non-skid foot plate and heel loops so the user s foot stays in place.

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