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Marcy 150lb Stack Home Gym Mwm-1005

Marcy 150lb Stack Home Gym Mwm-1005

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The Home Stack Gym MWM-1005 offers many of the same exercises in a club that work the entire body and target most major muscles. Burn calories and increase lean muscle mass. Resistance training not only builds lean and powerful muscles, it also increases your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories and lose unwanted weight. With adjustable resistance, you can do a range of exercises safely. Foam roller pads on the padded press arms allow for a comfortable workout.Safe & ConvenientDue to the design of the MWM-1005, utilizing pulleys and cables connected to a selectorized weight stack, you ll never waste valuable time loading and unloading weight plates. In comparison, this home training system makes exercising safer than traditional free weight exercises because the weights are never suspended over your body, but stored behind a protective weight stack where they can t injure you. The weight stack has a lock that allows you to do resistance training safely. A safety lock prevents unauthorized usage.

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