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Fulton 1500 Lbs. Single Speed Winch W/20 Strap, Black Cover 142311

Fulton 1500 Lbs. Single Speed Winch W/20 Strap, Black Cover 142311

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brand single speed winches are designed to meet your toughest pulling demands. Our winches feature efficient gear ratios, and our comfort griphandle for ease of Cranking. All gears are High-Carbon steel for superb strength and long-term durability. Stamped carbon steel frames provide rigidity for gear alignment and longer cycle life. Industry leading, 600 zinc plating provides excellent corrosion resistance in All environments, and has a 600 hour salt spray rating per ASTM B117. has produced the finest winches in the industry for over 50 years. The result of engineering innovation, superior materials, and rugged manufacturing, winches offer the greatest applications coverage for your unique needs. Ranging from the stylish and innovative F2 winch to the wide variety of one-speed and two-speed winches, and our rugged brake winches, offers a style and capacity to meet virtually every need. When selecting a winch you ll generally need to: 1) determine the environment (wet environment, Saltwater) 2) determine the capacity needed ( winches range from 600 lbs. To 2100 lbs.) 3) determine whether a single-speed or multi-speed winch is required (Cranking resistance) 4) determine whether a braking solution is needed to assist in Managing the load (safety, pay-out). to determine trailer winch capacity needed for pulling total the weight of All items being pulled, I.E. Boat, motor, fuel, gear then divide by 2. If boat, motor, fuel and gear total 2, 800 lbs. You would need a 1, 500 lb. Winch (2, 800 lbs. Divided by 2 = 1, 400 lbs.). If using a steep incline launch, divide by 1.5 instead of 2 due to the increased load on the winch from the incline. For lifting, select a brake winch based on the amount being lifted, I.E. If lifting 1, 450 lbs. You would need a winch rated at 1, 500 lbs.

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