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Wera 05056490001 Tool-Check Plus Ratchet Set With Sockets, Metric

Wera 05056490001 Tool-Check Plus Ratchet Set With Sockets, Metric

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The Tool-Check PLUS quickly slips into a pocket or tool kit, and can easily be carried onto any jobThe basic idea for the prototype of the Kraftform handle – that the hand should dictate the design – has, right through to today, proved to be correct. In cooperation with the internationally recognised Fraunhofer IAO Institute, developed a screwdriver handle designed to match the shape of the human hand as long ago as the 1960s. After a long development phase, the Kraftform handle was launched to the market in 1968. It has been optimised through the years with new technologies, but has kept its proven shape. After all, the human hand has not changed either1 Bit Ratchet, 1 Bitholding screwdriver, 28 bits, 1 socket adaptor, 7 sockets & a Rapidaptor bit holder/extensionBits & sockets can be used with the stunning, yet surprisingly tough Bit Ratchet. The Rapidaptor holder services as an extension, and long bits can also be used with the Bit Ratchet (specification E 6.3)Ratchet, bitholding screwdriver, bits & sockets in an unbelievably small kit that easily slips into a pocket or tool kit.The opening mechanism can be operated with just one hand making bit removal extremely convenient. The Bit-Check opens automatically by simply pushing the slide catch. Bits and holder can be easily removed. Take it easy tool finder system – with profile and size colour-coding for quick and easy tool selection.

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